Cache API

Allows to aggregate shopping results and build pricing database based on general shopping query with point of sale included.

Cache API request

Sample request (type: GET)

Request parameters

The following table illustrates the minimum required data for cached shopping request.

Name Example Description
searchPhrase 20171012IEVWAW20171015WAWIEV Departure and arrival dates and city IATA code (do not use airport code), indicated in shopping request. The format is YYYYMMDDDEPARR, where DEP means Departure city code, ARR- arrival city code
pointOfSale UA Country ISO code where shopping request was generated.

Cache API response

Response example (application/json)

    "status": "success",
    "dataAvailable": true,
    "requestId": "f0338277-07d7-11e7-8d76-93c818f06757",
    "executionTimeInMs": 328,
    "originalRequest": {
        "searchPhrase": "20170316IEVWAW20170319WAWIEV",
        "pointOfSale": "UA"
    "data": {
        "lastModified": "2017-03-11T18:22:02.525Z",
        "recordAgeInMs": 144447048,
        "dataSizeInBytes": 17578,
        "warehouseId": "main\_data/2017/03/11/18/bd1a1bc2-88bf-40be-989e-f5fd25bf1ab2.gz:100533:17578",
        "base64GzippedResponse": "H4sIAAAAAAAAA+2dXZPcNpKu78+vOKHr8Vl8kAA5d9Ufsjq61ZKqqiVbJ...
Name Data type Description
status string Can be "success" or "error". if status is "success" indicates if the data exists in the warehouse. indicates an error while validating input params and while processing warehouse response.
dataAvailable boolean If value false is returned data is not available either because too distant dates indicated or some mandatory parameters not specified.
requestId string Pnnrovides id for an API call
executionTimeInMs number Indicates execution time on Amazon servers without time taken to transfer data in and out
originalRequest object Contains parsed request from user
errorMessage string Appears if status is "error" or if dataAvailable is false. See Known issues for more detailed information about most frequently returned errors.
data response object Is shown when status is "success" anddataAvailable is true
lastModified Time in UTC format when data had been received from Travelport eStreaming
recordAgeInMs Milliseconds passed from the moment, when data has been received
dataSizeInBytes Size of the compressed data
warehouseId Unique identifier of the particular data in the warehouse (this field changes when new data on the same request is received, while data is still available using warehouseId)
base64GzippedResponse gzipped response in base64 format

Upon decompression of base64GzippedResponse and JSON data display the user should be able to view object containing 3 items:

  • Headers
  • Date
  • Proposals
Name Example Description
guid 46de111d-180a-4094-b4bf-4aa435e20b33 Unique id
requestStart 2017/03/11 18:22:02.525 ?
pointOfSale UA Country ISO code where shopping request was generated.
originalRequest 20170316IEVWAW20170319WAWIEV Original shopping query, containing departure and arrival dates and city/airport code indicated in shopping request. The format is YYYYMMDDDEPARR, where DEP means Departure city, ARR- arrival city code


Date and time when data was transmitted to eStreaming API server.


Each proposal represents shopping results containing a number of pricing options. A pricing option contains the following elements

Name Data type Description
Currency string The currency of the PointofSale country.
TotalFareAmount number Fare amount including taxes in PointofSale currency
Taxes number Tax amount in PointofSale currency
Validating Carrier string IATA code of the validating vendor
Legs number Flight connection indicator


A leg is basically a part of journey between two cities, that can contain one segment in case of direct flights or multiple flight segments in case of connection or stopover. Leg object contains the following parameters:

Name Data type Desctiption
PassengerTypeCode string IATA Passenger Type Code (PTC) that normally contains 3 letters: ADT, SRC, CNN etc
Segments number Quantity of segments within one leg. See more details below
Name Example Description
FareBasisCode UUATBAS The Fare Basic Code (FBC) for this fare
FareType XPN Fare type
TechnicalStops 0 Count of Incidental Stops
Duration 00130 Flight duration, in the format Dhhmm
Origin PRG Origin of travel
Destination WAW Destination point
DepartureTime 201705220705 Departure date/time in the format YYYYMMDDhhmm
ArrivalTime 201705220835 Arrival date/time in the format YYYYMMDDhhmm
OutTerminal 2 Departure terminal
InTerminal 1 Arrival terminal
MarketingCarrier OK Marketing carrier of Flight
OperatingCarrier OK Operating Carrier of Flight
FlightNumber 0782 Flight number for each leg
BookingCode W Booking code for each leg
Cabin E Cabin for each leg
Seats 001 Seats for each leg
AvailabilitySource B Where availability was obtained
Equipment E75 Equipment type
SegmentsContinued 1M Indicates married segments

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