Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. Provide your company details using provisioning questionnaire

  2. Submit the legal documents

Getting connected to eStreaming API

eStreaming API supports virtually any programming language.

  1. Receive eStreaming API credentials. Login, password, Auth token are provided upon submitting legal documents and provisioning questionnaire to CEE Systems representative.

  2. Verify eStreaming API credentials via Postman. It will be used for sending eStreaming API requests and retrieving responses.

  3. Import into Postman the CEE-Cache-Production-collection. json file containing the necessary default settings and Auth token. See Using Postman for more details about transmitting eStreaming API request and retrieving data.

  4. You may also use eStreamingAPP – an online tool, which will allow you to find the best searched prices for the given market and point of departure, along with suggested dates of departure and arrival. You may check the quick introduction on how to use the tool here, and we have also prepared detailed guide for you.

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