Flex API

Provides ability to get the cheapest pricing option within pre-defined date range

Flex API request

Sample request (type: GET)


Request parameters:

Name Example Description
searchPhrase 20170501IEVWAW20170508WAWIEV Departure and arrival date ranges whithin which cheapest options are received for a range dates before and/or after the requested flight date up to a maximum of three days. City IATA code required (do not use airport code).
pointOfSale UA Country ISO code where shopping request was generated.

Flex API response (application/json)

"status": "success",
"dataAvailable": true,
"requestId": "e016a919-138c-11e7-b8a6-7fe3e3d1b344",
"executionTimeInMs": 150,
"originalRequest": {
    "searchPhrase": "20170501IEVWAW20170508WAWIEV",
    "pointOfSale": "UA"
"data": {
    "proposalsCount": 48,
    "compressedDataSize": 711,
    "uncompressedDataSize": 10390,
    "base64GzippedResponse": "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"

Response parameters:

Name Data type Description
status string Can be "success" or "error". Indicates an error while validating input params and while processing warehouse response. If the status is "error" then errorMessage is provided
dataAvailable boolean If value false is returned data is not avialable either because too distant dates indicated or some mandatory parameters not specified. In the latter case errorMessage is provided
requestId string Provides id for a API call
executionTimeInMs number Indicates execution time on amazon servers without time taken to transfer data in and out
originalRequest object Indicates parsed request from user
pointOfSale string Country ISO code where shopping request was generated.
data response object Appears only if status is "success" and dataAvailable is true
proposalsCount number
compressedDataSize compressed data size in bytes
uncompressedDataSize uncompressed data size in bytes
base64GzippedResponse gzipped response in base64 format

Upon decompression of base64GzippedResponse and JSON data display the user should be able to view object contaning the following fields:

Name Example Description
PointOfSale UA Destination code
searchPhrase 20170428IEVWAW20170508WAWIEV Indicates whether proposal contains direct or connected flights
Direct Indicates that pricing option contains only direct flight
Connected Shows that pricing option contains connecting flights
Currency UAH Pricing offer currency
TotalAmount 15766 Fare amount for the cheapest option, including taxes in PointofSale currency
ValidatingCarrier LO IATA code of the plating carrier

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